Calendar of holidays
Eurozone 01.01.2014 year EURNew Year's Day
Great Britain01.01.2014 year GBPNew Year's Day
USA01.01.2014 yearUSD New Year's Day
Japan14.01.2014 year JPYComing of Age Day
USA21.01.2014 yearUSD Martin Luther King Day
Australia28.01.2014 year AUDAustralia Day
Japan11.02.2014 yearJPY National Foundation Day
Canada 15.02.2014 yearCADFamily Day
USA18.02.2014 yearUSD President's Day
Australia 11.03.2014 yearAUD
Labour Day
Japan20.03.2014 yearJPY Spring Equinox Day
China 04.04.2014 yearCNY
Qingming Festival
Switzerland29.03.2014 yearCHF Good Friday
Eurozone 29.03.2014 yearEURGood Friday
Great Britain29.03.2014 yearGBP Good Friday
Switzerland 01.04.2014 yearCHFEaster Monday
01.04.2014 yearEUR Easter Monday
Great Britain 01.04.2014 yearGBPEaster Monday
New Zealand 25.04.2014 yearNZD Anzac Day
Australia25.04.2014 year AUDAnzac Day
China 01.05.2014 yearCNY
Labor Day
Japan29.04.2014 yearJPY Golden Week
01.05.2014 yearEURLabor Day
Great Britain06.05.2014 yearGBP May Bank Holiday
Switzerland 09.05.2014 yearCHFAscension Day
Eurozone09.05.2014 yearEUR Ascension Day
Canada 20.05.2014 yearCAD Victoria Day
Switzerland20.05.2014 year CHFWhit Monday
Eurozone20.05.2014 year EURWhit Monday
USA27.05.2014 yearUSD Memorial Day
Great Britain27.05.2014 year GBPSpring Bank Holiday
Australia10.06.2014 yearAUD Queen's Birthday
Canada 01.07.2014 yearCADCanada Day
USA04.07.2014 yearUSD Independence Day
France 14.07.2014 yearEURNational Day
Japan15.07.2014 yearJPY Marine Day
Switzerland 01.08.2014 yearCHF Swiss National Day
Canada05.08.2014 yearCAD Civic Holiday
Great Britain 26.08.2014 yearGBPSummer Bank Holiday
Canada02.09.2014 yearCAD Labor Day
USA02.09.2014 year USDLabor Day
Japan 16.09.2014 yearJPYDay of Senior Citizens
Japan23.09.2014 yearJPY Autumnal Equinox Day
China 01.10.2014 yearCNY
National Day
Japan14.10.2014 yearJPY Health Sports Day
Canada 14.10.2014 yearCADThanksgiving Day
USA14.10.2014 yearUSD Columbus Day
New Zealand 28.10.2014 yearNZDLabor Day
France01.11.2014 yearEUR Saints Day
Japan 04.11.2014 yearJPYCulture Day
France11.11.2014 yearEUR Armistice Day
Canada11.11.2014 year CADRemembrance Day
USA 11.11.2014 yearUSDVeterans Day
USA28.11.2014 yearUSD Thanksgiving Day
Japan 23.11.2014 yearJPYLabor Day
Japan23.12.2014 yearJPY The Emperor's Birthday
New Zealand 25.12.2014 yearNZDChristmas Day
Australia25.12.2014 yearAUD Christmas Day
Switzerland25.12.2014 year CHFChristmas Day
Great Britain 25.12.2014 yearGBPChristmas Day
Canada25.12.2014 yearCAD Christmas Day
New Zealand 26.12.2014 year NZDBoxing Day
Australia 26.12.2014 yearAUDBoxing Day
Great Britain26.12.2014 yearGBP Boxing Day
Canada26.12.2014 year CADBoxing Day
Switzerland 26.12.2014 yearCHF
St. Stephen's Day
Eurozone31.12.2014 yearEUR New Year's Eve