This section deals with the personal information protection and possible data leak prevention. Informational security is a set of measures aimed to protect information from the unauthorized access, destroying, modification, disclosure of personal data for common public. Informational security includes measures for protecting access data to a personal account of a Trader Room. The first thing to be considered – is creating a strong password. Unfortunately, sometimes it is possible to guess a password, all the more so, because many users take their names, their relatives’ names and the dates of births as a password.

Here are some of recommendations how to choose a strong password:

  • Use a unique password for your account in a Trader Room. Do not use the same password everywhere for it is rather risky: having known it, a fraudster may have an access to your e-mail box, as well as to your personal Trader Room and e-wallet.
  • Change your password regularly. A person who knows your password can log in to your Trader Room without your consent.
  • Choose as a password such a combination of letters, numbers and symbols which have no connection with you personally. Use the combination of letters, numbers and symbols in upper and low cases. The number of possible variants for a eight-digit password containing letters of both cases, numbers and symbols is 30 000 times more than if a password consists of only upper case letters.

Some clients make a mistake when they leave the letters with an access password in their mail box. Do not keep a password for a Trader Room or trading accounts on free mail services! Delete such messages upon the registration and receiving passwords. Having an access to your mail box, a fraudster may see a letter with confidential information containing a password to a personal Trader Room.

At regular times check the statistics of your Trader Room page views and visits. Such report includes the login IP address, internet browsers versions and a date of a visit. Such option is realized in this section.

As an additional precaution while carrying out financial operations, funds withdrawal in particular, use an SMS authorization. Having chosen such mode of security, all orders for withdrawal will be confirmed by a specific code sent to a mobile phone.