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Please find below the Loyalty Club from the World ForexCompany!


Every client registered in our Company can become a member of the Loyalty Club! Membership in the Club is absolutely free of charge!


The key objective of the Loyalty Club from the World Forex Company is to motivate all clients, without any exception, registered at any time since our Company foundation. It is a unique, we can say a personal partnership program which allows each participant to regulate a coefficient of charges for every trading operation on his/ her own thereby receiving a specific number of club points resulting from the trading amounts. Club points can be exchanged to real funds available for withdrawal or can be used for further trade; you can also increase the margin capacity and exchange the points to bonuses and other unique services we intend to add in order to make World Forex Club program more attractive. The outstanding feature of the program is considering each Company’s client as a special one, because the value of charged club points depends on the compound club coefficient formed by means of adding a main factor and two auxiliary ones. The main factor is the funds amount on the accounts of the profile, the auxiliary ones – age and the trading history:


  • The profile age - the number of full years from the moment of the member’s registration in the Company. (Age Factor)
  • Trading history – the total trading amount at the Forex market or the total turnover on the Binary Options. (Volume Factor)
  • The amount of own funds on all accounts of the trading profile. (Amount Factor)


The compound club coefficient is expressed by the formula: (WFK) = Age Factor + Volume Factor + Amount Factor


The club coefficient of the profile is calculated once a day and is valid for 24 hours until the next calculation.


The main factor defining the compound club coefficient is the funds amount shown on the accounts of the trading profile - Amount Factor. It is a total amount of funds on all accounts, including a safe account, of the profile expressed in the U.S. Dollar equivalent.


The main peculiarity of our Club – is really loyal attitude towards our clients. The longer a participant is our registered client, the higher Age Factor component is and, accordingly, a participant receives more points for concluding trading operations. It is enough only to have a profile registered in the World Forex Company for some years and you will have benefits in charging the points.


The trading history «Volume Factor» is an essential auxiliary factor. The higher trading amount/ turnover reached on all profile accounts for all time is, the higher the «Volume Factor» component and, subsequently, the higher the compound club coefficient are.


1. Amount Factor

The Amount Factor structure consists of 5 levels. Each level corresponds to the coefficient volume formed from the total trading balance of the profile. It is remarkable, that Amount Factor is calculated from a larger value – Balance or Equity of the trading profile that will be fixed at the moment of calculation.

*The total amount of funds expressed in the US Dollar equivalent on all profile accounts including the safe accounts is taken into account.


2. Volume Factor

Volume Factor - a component value formed resulting from the profile trading activity. The more trading operations a trader performs, the higher his/ her total trading amount (the number of traded lots on all accounts for all time since the profile was registered) is.


It should be mentioned, that for traders, who prefer trading at the Forex market, traded amount of lots is taken into account. As for the Binary Options, the total amount of funds equivalent to the US Dollar is considered.


However, there can be a combined trade, at Forex and Binary Options as well. In such a case, the indicator «Volume Factor» is formed based at the greater value.


The table with the numerical coefficient calculated according to the profile trading activity is given below:


Forex (lots) 1 - 25 26 - 100 101 - 300 301 - 1000 1001 и >
Volume Factor (оборот) 0,1 0,5 0,9 1,3 1,7
Binary Options (USD) 10 - 1000 1001 - 5000 5001 - 10000 10001 - 50000 50001 и >


2. Age Factor

Age Factor - is a component value of the profile age forming resulting from the number of full years passed from the moment of registration. The coefficient corresponds to the value specified in the table:


До 1 года 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years
0,1 0,25 0,5 1,0 1,25 1,5 1,75 2,0 2,25 2,5


It is to be reminded, that the compound club coefficient is formed by means of adding all the above listed factors. The received club coefficient is taken while calculating points for the performed trading operations.


The base value for the charged points is specified for every asset base of the relevant group of the financial instruments on the basis of 1 standard lot of a deal at Forex and 100 USD equivalent of investment on Binary Options. The base value of points is allocated so that a club coefficient is nominal to 1. In case, if a club coefficient is greater than 1, the base value is multiplied by a received club coefficient. Therefore, the greater a compound club coefficient is, the more points upon the result of a deal a trader receives.


Let us consider the example:

A participant registered the profile on 15 March 2010 (the symbolic date of the example - 15 March 2015). The total trading turnover amounts to 15 lots on all trading accounts of the profile for all time, available funds on the personal account of the profile -$3150. Let us calculate a compound coefficient: Compound coefficient = Age Factor + Volume Factor + Amount Factor

1,8 + 0,1 + 1,5 = 3,4



In the special section of the club, you can make preliminary calculations of the points to be charged for the deal of a specific amount, depending on a trading account type and selected financial instrument. Let us calculate 1 lot of the deal on EURUSD, account type «W-PROFI». We know the coefficient - «3,4», so we specify it in the calculation form of the appropriate field. Then, we select account type «W-PROFI» in the pull-down list, select EURUSD symbol, and calculate the number of points to be charged for this deal. Please, pay attention to the MTP value - minimum number of trading points which the deal should pass for the successful charging the club points.


The accrued points can be exchanged in the special section of the World Forex Club