ECN/STP technologies

ECN (Electronic Communications Network) is a system of orders execution that excludes the conflict of interest between a broker and traders. This system allows to automatically execute reverse (buy, sell) orders in case of the coincidence of their trading parameters between other participants of the system and, due to the STP (straight-through processing)technology, to introduce the transactions to the interbank liquidity. Therefore, trading with the use of ECN and STP technologies is performed owning to the placing the client’s orders in the single order book where the appropriate orders matching system operates that allows automatically to execute reverse trading orders in case of the coincidence of their parameters such as asset, volume, price.

The main advantages of trading on the ECN accounts:

  • Minimum deposit from 1 USD
  • Trading in the popular MT4 platform
  • 32 currency pairs, metals
  • Leverage up to 1:500
  • Narrow spreads from 0,2 pips.
  • Quotes - five decimal place
  • Zero commission
  • Large volume of trading positions (VWAP prices)*
  • The largest banks liquidity
  • Fast execution of trading orders
  • Trading without any brokers (with the other participants of the system)
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Supported platforms

Contracts specifications of the on the ECN instruments

1. Floating spread, at a calm market – from 0,2 pips, may be increased during the essential economical news release.
2. There is a one-hour brake in the metal trading from 00:00 to 01:00, server’s time (EET).
3. Trading on ECN accounts is performed from 00:06 по 23:59 every day.

Quotes on ECN accounts have 5 decimal places, the forth decimal place indicates one pip value. So that, the spread in 1,00012/1,00014 quote will be equal to 0,2 pips.

It should be mentioned, that VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) on the ECN accounts, because there is no possibility to use the market depth in the MetaTrader4 platform. Market depth is a measurement of the prices and current fair value of trading positions at a particular tick. The Market depth is closely related to liquidity that indicates the trading instrument volume and price. As a rule, the larger the volume of the orders, the higher the price is. During an order execution the system looks at the market watch and chooses the best current price. If at the moment of the client’s order execution on the particular trading instrument there is no sufficient volume at the most profitable price, the system chooses the next price, and the VWAP formation occurs.