Replenishment without any comissions

We charge 100% from the transferred amount to the account. The commission refund occurs during crediting funds to the trading account. As a result, the commission for all replenishments is 0%.


The offer has no expiration date


Within the frame of the offer, the Company refunds all commissions of the payment systems paid while replenishing a trading/ safe account. The amount of the commission is deposited to the account trading balance and is available both for trade and for withdrawal in full amount. There are no special conditions for processing or transferring into the account balance. The commission refund occurs at any replenishment of the account without any limits for the amount of replenishment.

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Payment system Currency Comission Time of enrollment Refund comission*
Banking cards


RUB, UAH0-3 % immediately 0-3 %

Master Card

RUB, UAH 0-3 % immediately 0-3 %


USD, EUR4,3 % + 0,15 eur immediately 4,3 % + 0,15 eur***

Master Card

USD, EUR 4,3 % + 0,15 eur immediately 4,3 % + 0,15 eur***
Internet banking


RUB 3,5% immediately 3,5%

Sberbank Online

RUB 3% to 24 hours 3%


RUB 3% immediately 3%


UAH 2% immediately 2%
Electronic payments


RUB, USD, UAH 0.80% immediately 0.80%


RUB, USD 0% immediately 0%


RUB, UAH, TJS, AZN, KZT, UZS, AMD, KGS, MDL, TMT, ZAR, USD 2,8% immediately 2,8%

Yandex Money

RUB 0% immediately 0%


RUB,USD 0% immediately 0%


RUB, EUR, USD 0.00% immediately 0.00%


MDL 4% immediately 4%*

RUB,USD,EUR 0% immediately 0%
Payment terminals

Moscow Credit Bank

RUB 3,5% immediately 3,5%


RUB 3,5% 2-3 часа 3,5%


RUB 3,5% immediately 3,5%

RUB,MDL,UAH,KZT 0% - 6% 2-3 часа 0% - 6%*


RUB 3,5% immediately 3,5%*


RUB 3,5% immediately 3,5%

Privat Bank

UAH 3,5% 30 minutes 3,5%


UAH 4% immediately 4%*


UAH 5% immediately 5%
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Money transfers and payments


RUB 0% immediately 0%


RUB, UAH, TJS, AZN, KZT, UZS, AMD, KGS, MDL, TMT 1 %, not less 50 руб. immediately 1 %, not less 50 руб.*

Western Union (USD)

USD 0% - 5% 2-3 дня 0% - 5%*


RUB, UAH, TJS, AZN, KZT, UZS, AMD, KGS, MDL, TMT 2% immediately 2%*
Mail transfer

Post of Russia

RUB 2%, not less 30 руб. до 3 дней 2%, not less 30 руб.*
Bank transfer

Bank transfer

RUB, KZT, USD, EUR от 0% от 3 до 5 дней от 0%

Sberbank Russia

RUB от 0% от 3 до 5 дней от 0%


UAH от 0% 1 day от 0%


UAH 0,5 - 1 % 1 day 0,5 - 1 %*

Privat Bank

UAH от 0% 30 minutes от 0%
Mobile paments


RUB 10.60% immediately 10,60%*


RUB 9% immediately 9%*


RUB 7.65% immediately 7.65%*

Kievstar. Mobile money

UAH 5.50% immediately 5.50%*

* Commission refund for the majority of the payment methods is carried out automatically upon depositing funds to a trading/safe account with the remark “commission refund”. However, on account of some payment methods specific character (e.g. replenishment an account via payment terminals) the information on charged transfer commissions is not available. In this case, to receive the refund of the commission for the funds transfer it is necessary to submit the copy of an account payment receipt (a bill) and report the replenishment details to the Company financial department to the address:

** Please, draw attention to the fact that not all payment methods presented in the table are displayed in the Personal Cabinet in the form of the trading account replenishment. Some replenishment methods are aggregated according to the funds of the financial partners, payment systems “Single money keeper” and Z-Payment. To receive the advice on payment methods, we recommend you to enquire with the online-chat.

*** Return of the commission happens in case of refilling a minimum of USD 100


  • The commission is refunded to any types of trading or safe accounts and deposited in the replenished account currency.
  • The commission is available for withdrawal.


  • The terms and conditions of the offer are subject to alteration at any time upon the presence of the consequences by virtue of which, upon the Company discretion, such alterations are necessary.
  • Should the special offer conditions abuse is detected, the Company is entitled to cancel charging of the commissions received within the frame of this offer. The ground for the charged commissions cancellation are the cases of abuse, the presence of which is defined on the results of client’s financial operations inspection conducted by the Company financial department, upon own discretion.
  • The Company reserves the right to terminate the special offer at any time with no reason given.