Web Trader trading platform

For any device!

Web Trader web-platform – is a perfect solution for any trader who wishes to get and use the same trading possibilities provided by the Meta Trader4 terminal without installing any software on his/her device. This platform allows getting an access to a trading account just at a few clicks!

World Forex WebTrader has been designed so that even a first-time trader can easily get onto the account management and platform settings. As for the professionals, it will become really indispensable due to the means of the technical analysis, trading at one-click and the high rate of the trading orders processing.

The best web-application for trade

All the options of your customary MT4: main types of the charts, trade at one click, basic set of the analysis instruments.

Access from any device

Trade from any operational system with the pre-set browser including WinMobile! The possibility of the integrated account management from several devices.

User-friendly interface

Easy and convenient for use Multilanguage interface.

No need for download and installation

Without any doubt – it is the best alternative for MT4.

World Forex WebTrader platform advantages

Easier. Smarter. Faster.

  • - The perfect solution for beginners
  • - Possibility for the technical analysis
  • - Immediate orders execution without any delays


  • - Multi-access
  • - Forex and Binary Options trade
  • - Full history and transactions log
  • - At any time available from the mobile device

Broad range of the management conveniences

World Forex Company cares for our clients’ convenience, and that is precisely why we provide you with the platform that will help you not only easily make money from almost any device, but also be aware of all market events!

Technical analysis, simplified symbol, trading history and opened positions search will assure your absolute informational awareness of the current business situation. Moreover, take into consideration that three different types of chart will meet the demands of any, even the most sophisticated, trader.

World Forex Web Trader - is a direct and quick access to the Forex market with any device: PC, tablet or smartphone. Mobility and speed - these are the main characteristics of the platform. Comfort and safety management of their personal capital in any convenient time and place!