Payment systems

Attention! Getting details, payments and invoicing, you need only be in the office of the trader directly.


Automatic means (immediate replenishment of a trading balance). Replenishment can be carried out through the Trader Room from your WebMoney Keeper in the WMZ, WMR, WMU, WME, WMB title signs by using WebMoney Merchant Interface.

You can replenish your WebMoney account:

  • - by means of the internet-banking bank transfer
  • - in the ATM and also in a bank department
  • - via payment terminals
  • - by means of mail and money transfers

You can learn more details about replenishment/withdrawal funds of your money keeper on the WebMoney payment system website.

Check the certificate


The offered products and services are provided not on the demand of a person or an enterprise using the WebMoney Transfer system. We are an independent enterprise providing services and on our own make decisions of prices and offers. The enterprises that use the WebMoney Transfer system do not receive any commissions or any other awards for the participating in the service provision and do not bear any responsibility for our work.

The certification performed from the side of the WebMoney Transfer system only confirms our requisites for the connection and proves the identity. It is carried out at our option and does not mean that we in any way are related to the WebMoney system operator’s sales.


Automatic replenishment of the trading account balance.

The payment is carried out on the Yandex-Money payment system website from your Yandex-Money keeper

  • - from your bank card linked to the Yandex-Money keeper Yandex Money

You can replenish your account in the Yandex-Money system:

  • - by means of the internet-banking
  • - by means of a bank transfer
  • - from a bank payment card
  • - from other electronic payment systems, via the electronic currency exchange counter.
  • More detailed information is available on the Yandex-Money payment system website.

Russian Post

Account replenishment is possible at our financial partner, payment system z-payment, support. Invoicing is carried out in the personal field of the Trader room. To carry out a payment you shall visit any post office of Russian Federation and perform the transfer on the system form. For your convenience and avoiding mistakes, you may print the receipt. Adding funds to the trading account is made automatically after receipt of funds into our account in z-payment system.

VISA, MasterCard

You can replenish your trading account by means of payment cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro. Bank cards of the popular international payment systems such as VISA Int. or MasterCard allow carrying out the variety of financial transactions not only in real life but in Internet as well. These are the most accepted payment systems in the world. To carry out money transfer you shall log in to a personal trader room and select section “Finances” – “Replenishment”. Select a trading account, an amount and an appropriate means of payment VISA/MasterCard on the page of forming a payment. The replenishment of the trading account by means of a payment card is performed at our financial partner, payment service "Single pay-box" support. In proceeding to the replenishment, please, select the currency in which your card account is opened. Specify the payment card number, card expiration date, and specify CVV code indicated on the reverse side of the card and confirm payment.

Withdrawal from the trading account replenished by means of card VISA/MasterCard is performed in accordance with payment regulations specified in the public offer agreement and is possible to the "Single pay-box", payment system, Wallet One (

Bankcards in USD and EUR currencies processing is performed assisted by our financial partner - payment system OrangePay.
A trading account replenishment in USD, EUR currency with a payment card VISA/MC is carried out automatically within some minutes.
Minimum amount of replenishment is from 1 USD, EUR. Credit of the funds is immediate.
The commission for a transfer is 4,3% + 0,15 EUR*
The minimum withdrawal amount to cards in USD, EUR currencies is not less than 50 USD (EUR).
The commission for withdrawal is 4% + 5 USD (EUR)
The time scales for withdrawal can vary from some minutes to 6 banking days depending on the emitting bank.

* When replenishing from 100 USD, EUR the commission is compensated within the frame of the special offer “0% - we pay back the commission of payment systems”

On a case-by-case basis, the Company can offer to issue a fully functional VISA bank card for the funds withdrawal and deposit from/to a trading account. The commission for withdrawal is 2%, ATM cash withdrawal – 2,5 USD. The time frame for funds withdrawal processing does not exceed 24 hours from the moment of withdrawal. A card is delivered to the client’s address.

Primary conditions for a card issuance:

VISA Card issuance - 15.00 USD
Monthly servicing fee - 1.00 USD
Withdrawal to a card - 2%
ATM cash withdrawal - 2.5 USD
Online payment - free of charge
Lock / Unlock a Card - free of charge
ATM balance check - free of charge
ATM cash withdrawal (per day) - 2000 USD
POS terminal payments (once) - 10 000 USD
POS terminal transactions number (per day) – unlimited

For more detailed information about a personal bankcard issuance, please, contact the Company’s financial department at: or via online form.


The funds are automatically added to the trading account balance.

A bill can be paid via any QIWI payment terminal or from the personal money keeper (QIWI wallet) on the QIWI payment system website.

- with cash in the QIWI payment terminals

- from your QIWI wallet

- by means of the QIWI payment application for mobile phones and tabs, social nets

- from your bank card registered in the QIWI system.

Single money keeper

Funds are automatically added to the trading account balance.

The replenishment of a trading account has become fast and convenient due to the W1 payment system “Single pay-box” service.

You can choose one of the most convenient for you means of payment in the “Single pay-box” payment service or perform the transfer from your W1 e-wallet in the Internet as well as by means of the application for a telephone, PDA, smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

Funds withdrawal is carried out to your W1 e-wallet.

Immediate replenishment of the e-wallet balance is possible:

  • - In the mobile shops: МКB, X-Plat, MasterPort, Mobile Element, Quickpay, PinPay, А-Меgа, CreditPilot, СМP Bank, Electropay, SkySend , etc

    The list of terminals and charges for bill payments can be found here (for residents of Russia) and also here (for residents of Ukraine)

  • - via internet-banking, a bank transfer as well as by means of the ATM
  • - from your payment card
  • - В салонах связи Евросеть, X-Plat, МобилЭлемент, Свободная касса, Связной, Альт Телеком, Форвард Мобайл и др.

You can learn here more about means of funds replenishment and withdrawal from the W1 e-wallet.

Privat 24

Funds are automatically added to the trading balance. The possibility to replenish a trading account balance by means of Privat24 internet-banking is rendered by the “Single pay-box” service of the W1 system.

The replenishment by means of Privat24 is carried out in the personal Trader Room. Select Privat24 from the means of replenishment list. Upon confirmation of the amount and the currency of your account in Privat Bank you will be redirected to the Privat 24 internet-banking secure page of payment.

You can learn here more about means of funds withdrawal from the W1 e-wallet.

Sberbank of Russia

You can replenish a trading account by means of our financial partner "Single pay-box". payment system. Invoicing should be formed in the personal field of the Trader Room by selecting payment service "Single pay-box".

Then you shall select the non-cash payment method. Select “Sberbank OnL@in” from the available options.

Moneta Ru

Moneta.Ru - is a system providing a full range of services for e-payment in Internet. Registration in Moneta.Ru does not require installing of the specialized software, you need only e-mail address and access to Internet. After the registration, the accounts in Russian rubles, US dollars and Euros will be available to you.

There is a great variety of the account replenishment: Russian and foreign payment systems, money transfer systems, on-line banking systems, payment terminals and mobile shops, bank cards Visa and MasterCard. Interest-free methods of replenishment of the account are available in Moscow, Moscow region, Saint Petersburg and other regions of Russian Federation.

Payment for a broad list of goods and services is available for our system users:

Replenishment of the account in Moneta.Ru is possible:

- Bank transfer from the account in any Russian bank;
- Transfers via Contact system;
- Payment system YandexMoney;
- Offices “Russian Post”;
- Payment system Платеж.ru (cards VISA и MasterCard);


Funds are automatically added to the trading account balance.

Payments can be carried out on the Z-Payment payment system website from the Z-Payment e-wallet

- In the Sberbank departments, post offices of Russian post by means of a mail, money or bank transfer.

You can replenish your Z-Payment e-wallet

  • - Via immediate money transfers systems: Contact, Anelik, Western Union, Migom, Money Gram, Unistream (Юнистрим), Allur (Аллюр), etc.

  • - By means of a bank transfer via internet-banking, ATM and bank departments
  • - By means of the money transfer from the Russian Post
  • - Via payment terminals of the “Gorod”, Kassa 24, Come Pay, etc. systems.

You can find more detailed information about the means of Z-payment replenishment and withdrawal on the Z-Payment website. website.


Verify OKPAY user information.

Funds are automatically added to the trading account balance.

OKPAY - is an international electronic payment system operating under P2P and B2C principals. OKPAY e-wallet has a great variety of convenient means of replenishing a virtual account, allows performing immediate transfers between the accounts as well as Internet payments. Available funds can be withdrawn from the account at any time.

OKPAY ranks among the electronic payment systems leaders of the international level and offers a great variety of additional means of payments on the basis of single integration for businesses in more than 200 countries of the world.

OKPAY e-wallet has the variety of convenient means of a virtual account replenishment, enables immediate transfers between the accounts and payments in the Internet. It is easy and convenient to manage your funds with OKPAY! The system distinctive features are the perfect service and low commissions for the transfers within the system – only 0.5% ($ 2.99 max). The payments in the OKPAY currency are nonrefundable, the possibility to withdraw a payment by a user is excluded. Each e-wallet is assigned with the requisites for the account replenishment by the bank.

It is possible to replenish an e-wallet by the various means:

  • - bank transfer
  • - electronic currencies (Yandex,W1, EasyPay, Cash4Wm, etc.)
  • - systems of money transfer (Contact, Unistream, Leader, Migom, etc.)
  • - telephonic transfer

More detailed information about the means of the funds replenishment/withdrawal and the system’s tariffs on the website.


LiqPay — is an opened unique web-interface of PrivatBank that allows transferring money by means of a mobile phone, Internet and payment cards throughout the world. Acquiring service is provided by the PrivatBank public joint-stock company commercial bank which can be useful for the owners of the cards emitted by the PrivatBank. Upon the registration, the accounts opened in the LiqPay system become also available in the Privat24 internet-banking interface.

The registration in the LiqPay does not require creating a new account and memorizing a password. LiqPay account – is your telephone number (in the international format), and the payment confirmation is performed through SMS. The high level of security is provided by OTP (One-time password) technology. Transactions are confirmed by a dynamic one-time password sent via SMS. Replenishing an account in the LiqPay system does not constitute any difficulty, in order to do this it is only necessary to add a payment card to the system and perform the replenishment of the account with the commission of 0%. Tariffs for withdrawal.

LiqPay system allows:

  • - Creating micropayments (payments from 0, 02 c.u.);
  • - Creating bulk payments;
  • - Creating immediate transfers between LiqPay accounts;
  • - Receiving payments on the website;
  • - funds withdrawal to the cards of the VISA system and any card of PrivatBank (VISA/MASTERCARD);

Carrying out payments for services:

  • - Refilling a telephone account;
  • - Refilling the Skype account;
  • - Carrying out currency exchange between LiqPay accounts;