We all well know a famous aphorism: time is money. That is why we have increased the speed of processing the applications for withdrawal to the maximum. Now, the time required for money withdrawal is not more than 30 minutes after the application for withdrawal.*

Processing an application
for withdrawal

Filing an application

You shall draw up an application for money withdrawal in the personal field of the Trader room.

The procedure is to the uttermost simple. You only proceed to the section «finances» – «withdrawal», choose a safe or a trading account form the pulldown list, specify the amount of the withdrawal and tick the chosen payment system.


After you have specified all the details for withdrawal, you shall confirm the choice in the form “Submit an application for withdrawal”.

After that, you will receive the code of application confirmation to your e-mail or mobile phone, depending on the way of confirming the financial transactions. Specify you purse number in the payment system. You should insert the received code of confirmation in the appropriate field and complete the execution of an application.


Your application is forwarded to the company financial department. The company financial department staff checks the executed application within the shortest period of time.


As a rule, after a check that takes not more than 30 minutes, the money will be received into the specified in the application requisites.

The work of the financial department

We have always given an importance to the speed of payments and the quality of service. That is why the mechanism of work in the field of financial department operations has completely been reorganized and modified. Withdrawal to the payment systems is usually made immediately, which cannot be compared with a bank or mail transfer that may take from 1 to 3 days. The question that has to be answered is “Why to delay a payment if the procedure of payment posting is a matter of minutes?” Having reduced the time of processing applications for withdrawal, our company strives to be closer to our clients and understand each client’s desire to get earned profit as soon as possible. We are sure that the quickness of payments will become our distinctive characteristic among the majority of our competitors!


*It should be mentioned that the time of processing the applications for withdrawal can in some cases be expanded. For example, the workload of financial department operators can increase after a heavy trend for a lot of traders have earned money and are withdrawing profits, submitting a great number of applications; or processing the applications take place two times a day on holydays.
It is essential to know that all applications will be processed within the terms which do not exceed the time, specified in the company agreement, in the section 1 “Payment arrangements”.