Risk statement

The Client understands that trading at financial markets is associated with high risk and realizes the probability of substantial losses from trading transactions. Prior to commencing the trading activity, it is highly recommended to conduct a careful analysis of one’s financial state. The Client realizes that there exists a risk of complete loss of a deposit while trading at the market.


The Client admits that the Company is not liable for the Client’s losses, caused directly or indirectly by the restrictions imposed by the Government, foreign exchange or market regulations, trading suspension, acts of war or other conditions usually referred as “force majeure” and which are beyond the reasonable control of the Company hereto.

The client is informed about the other additional risks, associated with work of electronic trading systems, and also problems of Internet connections.


The Client takes full responsibility for the risks associated with the storage of the credentials to the trading account and is obliged to prevent the accessibility of the third parties to the trading facilities. The Client’s losses and risks associated with the restoration of the access to the trading account do not impose obligations on the Company, except submitting the Client with new credentials provided that the Client is sufficiently and unambiguously identified as this account owner.